History In Their Own Words

SR-71 Crew Colonels Rich Graham and Don Emmons

You won’t want to miss this one! A rare opportunity to meet the SR-71 Blackbird Crew that flew more missions together than any other crew! Colonels Rich Graham and Don Emmons flew the Blackbird together for 5 1/2 years. Colonel Graham as pilot and Colonel Emmons as Reconnaissance Systems Officer (RSO). Colonel Graham was an F-4 Wild Weasel pilot before joining the SR-71 program and Colonel Emmons was the lead bombardier on the first B-52 Linebacker mission and also dropped the last bombs from a B-52 in Vietnam. Both of these two legendary airmen will be in the same room together at the Vintage Flying Museum on June 2nd! Mark your calendars!

A Flight Down Memory Lane!

Our North American AT-6 “1079” took a flight down memory lane last week; Michelle spotted her father’s aircraft. Acting Pilot Officer Graham McLeod flew ’79 for the Royal New Zealand Air Force in the ‘60’s during his Wings Course. The aircraft later flew with the Red Checkers, eventually finding a home in our hangar. We are honored to keep these aircraft flying and would love to have you visit.

Lights are going up in the hangar!

We have 2 bays hung up now. That has not stopped work on aircraft. With the hangar lit up, it does not seem as cold

Special Kay Performs Gear Test

The wheels go up…. Ray adjusted Kay’s nose doors to a perfect fit today. The hydraulic mule doesn’t supply quite the same pressure as the aircraft so gear operation is a bit slow.